T.A. HANDTE IBÉRICA, S.L.U. is an industrial company dedicated to the care of the environment through the aspiration and filtration of smoke, dust and gases. The capacity of our equipment and filters extends from 600 m³/h. up to 200,000 m³/h., and we have specialist personnel who installs turnkey equipment.

The experience gained from more than 3,000 installations makes us one of the most technologically advanced companies in the marketplace.

Our technology enables us to resolve any environmental problem related to industrial aspiration and filtration.

Our installations comply with the most demanding standards governing emissions of solid particles into the atmosphere. In every case, we apply the technical solution that is the best adapted to the problem presented.

The technicians of T.A. HANDTE IBÉRICA, S.L.U., after analysing the problem that has arisen, advise on the kind of aspiration and filtration that represents the best solution both technically and financially.